Sunday, October 28, 2012

Because no one expects the Spanish Inquisition! AKA strange questions asked in medical school interviews

This was originally a post on one of my personal blogs, but given I keep quoting it on SDN, maybe this would be a good place to post it.

Had a medical school interview last week (at Southern Private Baptist University SPBU) and this had to rank as some of the weirdest questions I have ever been asked IN MY LIFE for an interview.

Here are a few questions I was asked. Please remember... this was for medical school.

1) Please explain why Big Bang Theory is more reasonable than Steady State Theory.

2) What was there before the Big Bang?

3) What is the Capital of North Dakota?

4) Who is your favourite early modern European monarch?

5) What instruments do you play? - I thought fast and answered Ocarina since I don't play any well but can play a little on that

6) Ever been to so-and-so medieval faire?

7) Are you a rennie? (aka do you work at renaissance festivals?)

8) Did you ever play Legend of Zelda?

9) Does your mother play the flute?

10) What is the root of Twitter? Tweet or Twit?

11) Do you watch Ren and Stimpy?

12) Did you already vote?

13) Did you vote absentee?

14) Are you Messianic Jewish or Jewish Jewish?

I also gave cooking advice to two of the medical students and had strange conversations with my second interviewer whose wife has had a tortoise for 14 years. I've had two Red Eared Sliders for 23 years.